Has update removed NES Golf Easter egg from Switch?


he hackers who originally revealed it now believe that the latest firmware update – designated 4.0.0 – has removed an Easter egg from Nintendo’s Switch which would have brought NES Golf to the console if certain conditions were met.

The Easter egg – dubbed Flog – was believed to be a tribute to Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata, who tragically died in July 2015. It would only be triggered on July 11 – the anniversary of Iwata-san’s death – and would launch if Switch owners used their Joy-Cons to emulate a gesture Iwata habitually made during his Nintendo Direct addresses. 

Nintendo never officially confirmed the presence of the Easter egg, but the homebrew Switch modding community found the code for it in the console’s firmware. It was a cute notion – a hidden, iconic 8-bit game that could only be played once a year – but the homebrew modders have re-examined the Switch’s firmware in the wake of the 4.0.0 revision and say that the “Flog” code has been overwritten so that it is now impossible to launch the game.

Thanks to the Switch, Nintendo’s fortunes have been impressively revived, and before his death, Iwata was instrumental in determining the Switch’s general design. So at least the Switch’s popularity remains as a tribute to the man who was most responsible for making Nintendo a leading contender in the 21st century videogames market.

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Steve Boxer
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