2005 Battlefront II gets multiplayer update


Now-defunct developer Pandemic’s original Star Wars Battlefront II, released in 2005, is enjoying a new lease of life: online multiplayer mysteriously but gratifyingly came back to the PC version last October, and a new patch has arrived which improves its online performance

So, if you’re fed up with the controversy that still dogs DICE’s high-tech modern version of the game – whose loot-boxes still can’t be purchased with real money following pre-launch protests against pay-to-play – you can at least get retro with Star Wars action from a time before every game had to contain loot-boxes.

The new patch for the old Battlefront II addresses fundamentals such as lobbying performance, and getting Steam usernames and ping calculations right. But it is unclear who has brought the game back to life: its original publisher Disney Interactive now pretty much operates as a body licensing Disney IPs to other publishers. The whole exercise smacks of direct action by modders or the like seeking to make a point about DICE and Electronic Arts’ modern take on the game.