Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – new features explained


Firaxis has created a new trailer designed to explain the new features which the Rise and Fall expansion will bring to Civilization VI on February 8.

Among the new features detailed in the trailer are: 

  • Dark Ages – a counterpart to Golden Ages, which you can fall into if your Era Score isn’t high enough, but which also make it easier to achieve Golden Ages when you emerge from them.
  • A Loyalty system, which can affect your civilisation’s borders and cause cities to secede, which comes with a new Governor unit type.
  • Emergencies, which can cause different factions to come together, and bring new quests.

 Having detailed many of the new civilisations that Rise and Fall will bring to Civilization VI, Firaxis and 2K Games have certainly created a sense of anticipation that it will be a substantial and game-changing item of downloadable content. To keep abreast of any further developments, why not keep an eye on the Civilization VI website?