Forged Battalion enters Steam Early Access


Hotly anticipated real-time strategy game Forged Battalion today entered Steam Early Access.

Published by Britsoft indie kings Team 17 and developed by Petroglyph – which numbers many ex-Westwood Studios employees who worked on the Command & Conquer games among its staff – Forged Battalion aims to advance the RTS genre into new territory.

In particular, Forged Battalion aims to bring unprecedented levels of customisability to real-time strategy gameplay. Team 17 says: “In Forged Battalion, players build and customise their own unique faction as they fight in a variety of skirmish, solo and multiplayer battles. They will create, customise, and develop the blueprints of their emerging faction to create ever-evolving factories and units. Using resources gained from each battle, they will unlock new options through the tech tree allowing them to choose the archetype, and an array of armours, locomotors, weapons, and special abilities such as stealth and regeneration that will make each player’s faction one of a kind.”

Forged Battalion’s Steam Early Access period should last several months, and Petroglyph has detailed the content which it includes. The highlights of which encompass Campaign missions comprising “The first act of a multi-act storyline”; Skirmish maps supporting up to eight players; and multiple Skirmish modes including HQ Destruction and Annihilation.

Downloading Forged Battalion will set you back £13.17 on Green Man Gaming

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