Meet Sam, Ubisoft’s personal gaming assistant


Ubisoft has unveiled Sam: a “personal gaming assistant” designed to “Deliver tailored tips and information” to gamers.

We’ve all hit points in games  at which we’ve struggled to proceed – and one of Sam’s jobs is to help with that. According to Ubisoft: “Sam will analyse why a player is struggling during matches and will proactively send a video tip from the community.” The company adds that: “When gamers want to know about a release date, watch a trailer, discover Easter Eggs in a game or chat with Sam about the best Assassin in the series, Sam will direct them to the appropriate page on the Ubisoft website or elsewhere on the web. By chatting through voice or text input, players can ask Sam anything about Ubisoft games and services through Sam’s chatbot Q&A feature.”

Sam uses Google Cloud’s Dialogflow Enterprise Edition – essentially a natural language processing engine. According to Stephanie Perotti, VP of online services at Ubisoft, “With Sam, our ambition is to create an innovative and helpful service for players, one that knows them and helps push them to get more out of their gaming experience.”

The idea of creating a personal gaming assistant which allows us to spend more time playing games and has the potential to improve our play is a good one. But naturally, given that Sam is a Ubisoft creation, it will be tightly integrated with players’ Ubisoft Club accounts. A useful service or another means of trying to persuade us to buy Ubisoft games? Let us know what you think.

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