Gamer Network acquired by Comic Con and PAX operators ReedPOP


ReedPOP, the world’s largest producer of pop culture events including MCM Comic Con and PAX, has acquired Eurogamer owners, Gamer Network today.

Gamer Network launched in 1999 with its first website, and today its family of video games websites are amongst the most popular in the world.  It also runs popular events including EGX and EGX Rezzed.

Eurogamer put out an article about the news and commented, “As you might expect, it was our EGX events that brought us to ReedPOP’s attention. But the ReedPOP team is 100 per cent committed to our digital media business (which is a businessy way of saying our websites and YouTube channels), too. Just as we, over a decade ago, figured that the online communities we’d built around our websites might want to meet up in the real world to play games, ReedPOP wants to find ways to talk to the communities it has built around its events outside of those events. It reckons our websites and video channels provide a great model for how to do that, so it wants to keep them and expand on them. It’s also worth pointing out that we aren’t merging with another editorial team with an existing vision that might conflict with ours. We will stay true to our values, and our vision will serve as the model for more expansion elsewhere.”

The acquisition and coming together of two globally popular culture businesses could elevate the video games industry worldwide through ReedPOP’s growing network and fans.  With Gamer Network’s video games expertise appealing to both consumers and trade, the industry could be playing a bigger role in popular culture in the future.