Black Sails Update Comes to War Tech Fighters


War Tech Fighters, the space mecha combat game published by Green Man Gaming, is receiving a new updated entitled ‘Black Sails’.

This update will launch on the 5th of March, 2018.

The update includes new story missions, updates, and a series of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. New gear such as swords, Wartech components, and more are also available in the Black Sails Update.

A new trailer showing off the update can be viewed below:

And the full list of additions can be seen here:

  • 6 New story Missions.
  • 5 New Challenges.
  • Better lighting and post-processing effects.
  • Improved menu UI.
  • A lot of fixes and tweaks across all the missions as suggested by the community.
  • Swords passive perks now work even when in long range combat.
  •  “The FURY” Unique Set (unlocked for Early Access users).


Parts of Special projects are hidden in the game missions: collect them to unlock special projects in the R&D deck.

Those who have already played the game’s missions can find them in the simulator.

Please note that some Components, Swords and Shields already present in previous versions of the game now depend on Special Projects like:

  • Unicorn Swords (already unlocked for those who already possess them)
  • Forcefield Shields (already unlocked for those who already possess them)
  • The Mantis Unique Set (already unlocked for Early Access users)
  • The Fury Unique Set (already unlocked for Early Access users)

6 Special Projects to collect:

  • Warhead
  • Quantum Missiles
  • Coils Overload
  • Grinder
  • Forcefield
  • Unicorn

New Swords:

  • Grinder (from Grinder project)
  • Fury Of War
  • Anti-Matter Dragon
  • Anti-Matter Ogre
  • Anti-Matter Leviathan

New Shields:

  • Laser Forcefield (from Forcefield project)
  • Magnetic Forcefield (from Forcefield project)
  • Knight Shield EVO

Warhead components (from Warhead project)

  • 2 Arms
  • 2 Torsos
  • 2 Legs

New standard War Tech Components:

  • 6 new Heads
  • 2 new Arms
  • 6 new Legs

New Research Projects:

  • Anti-Matter Technology
  • Neutrinos Shower

War Tech Fighters is available from the Green Man Gaming Store right now.