Mooted Sea of Thieves death cost shelved

Sea Of Thevies

 Rare Software has shelved its previously stated plan to introduce a Death Cost, which would have taken away some of players’ hard-earned gold every time their characters died.

In a post on the Sea of Thieves website, executive producer Joe Neate said: “One piece of additional feedback we’ve seen is around a proposed change listed in our release notes last week, and we’ve heard the sentiment there, so I can confirm that Death Cost is, well, dead. Thanks for the feedback here. We’re listening.” 

In the post, Neate also highlighted the main issues Rare has come across with Sea of Thieves now it is up and running, picking up especially on player griefing: “We are very aware of the topic of persistent player griefing (repeatedly being attacked by the same ships or players). We are discussing what short-term fixes we can make, and what slightly more involved fixes we will prioritise. We will share an update on this and the other top feedback points and our thoughts on them later this week.”

Today will see Sea of Thieves undergo a maintenance window (between 9am and 2pm on March 27), during which an update will become available to download. Neate said: “This is a full game update as opposed to just a patch. If we’d wanted it to be a smaller client update we would have had to delay by a number of days, and felt the priority here was releasing the improvements to our player base.” 

That patch will address a number of issues, including delays in awarding gold and improving reputations when rewards are cashed in, delays in achievements, characters losing details and matchmaking problems at times of peak traffic. 

Despite those issues, Sea of Thieves has had a successful launch, topping the UK games charts on its first week of release. Rare’s awareness of issues surrounding the game suggests that living a vicarious pirate’s life will only become more fun as Sea of Thieves evolves.