A Way Out powers past million sales mark


A Way Out has passed the million sales mark, after just over two weeks in the shops. 

The narrative-centric, two-player co-op game, with gameplay sometimes reminiscent of a point-and-click adventure, sounds on paper like an unlikely hit. Even publisher Electronic Arts predicted that it would sell less than a million copies over its lifetime. 

However, it touched a nerve among gamers (perhaps seduced by the sociability of its split-screen sofa co-op mode, or the fact that two gamers can play it even if only one of them owns a copy). And developer Hazelight was able to tweet: “We just found out that #AWayOut has sold over 1 million copies, in just over two weeks! Words cannot describe how much this means to us. Thank you to all of you for your support!”

If you haven’t checked out A Way Out yet, it is undoubtedly a flawed game, with a narrative that has been likened to a B-movie and gameplay not dissimilar to the likes of Heavy Rain. As it offers just a six-hour experience, it is keenly priced, and it’s one of those games which somehow manages to transcend the sum of its parts.