PUBG: Savage map to get cave system, free period starts on Xbox One


PUBG’s newest map, Codename: Savage, will soon get an underground cave system, into which players will be able to parachute directly.

In a blog post on Steam, developer PUBG Corp said: “You’ve heard us talk about open development a few times, but what does that really mean? For Codename: Savage it means we’re going to be building the map as you guys play it. We have months of work left to do; beyond refining the experience and making changes that impact balance, we also plan to add new vehicles, new weapons, and most exciting in our eyes are the new areas that we think will set this map apart from our first two. We’re working on an underground cave system with plenty methods of escape. We were inspired by a cave system the team found outside of Bangkok.” 

An underground cave system will obviously have a fascinating impact on PUBG’s gameplay, and PUBG Corp has also blogged about its recent trip to South-East Asia, which inspired the additions to Codename Savage. The post gives a great insight into how the team is using the technique of photogrammetry to turn real-life locations into in-game ones.

Meanwhile, on the Xbox One, PUBG has entered a limited period in which it is free to download for all Xbox Live subscribers who don’t yet have the game. That free period will last until April 22, at which point anyone who downloaded PUBG will find their progress has been saved to the cloud, so they can resume from where they left off if they decide to buy the game.