Twitch trials new monetisation option


Twitch has initiated a beta programme for a new form of monetisation designed to benefit streamers and developers.

In a blog post, the streaming platform revealed that it will add support for Bits, its virtual currency, to Extensions, its system designed to enhance streams using live apps. Both developers and streamers will get a share of the resulting revenue, and it has kicked off a beta programme for partners and affiliates.

Twitch said: “Using Extensions has always been a smart way to personalize your stream and grow engagement with your community. Now, with support for Bits, Extensions are also a great way for viewers to support Partners, Affiliates, and the developers who build them. Bits are no longer only for Cheering. In Extensions, they can be used to power new, interactive experiences on your channel.” 

Twitch also posted a list of 28 examples of Extensions which support Bits,  as a means of inspiring developers and showing streamers what they can do. They include various games viewers can play while watching streams, quizzes and general means of interaction. 80 per cent of every Bit used in an Extension will go the broadcaster, and 20 per cent to the developer. quoted Twitch’s Extensions product manager Jeffrey Chow as saying: “Our mission at Twitch is to help our community make a living on our service doing what they love, and that includes both content creators and developers. We built Extensions to best serve what Twitch is best known for: community interactions. By enabling revenue generation from Extensions, developers can make more of them, which ultimately opens up more interactive possibilities and monetisation methods for content creators.”

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