Milla Jovovich to star in Monster Hunter movie


A Monster Hunter film will soon enter production, with Milla Jovovich taking a starring role.

According to Variety, the Monster Hunter movie will be made by Constantin Film, directed by Paul W S Anderson and produced by Jeremy Bolt. So it will reunite Jovovich and Anderson after they worked on the Resident Evil series of films. 

Intriguingly – marking a flurry of celluloid activity for Capcom franchises – Variety also pointed out that Constantin Film is working on a rebooted Resident Evil film. The Monster Hunter movie will begin shooting this September, in South Africa (which was where 2016’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was shot). 

Constantin Film CEO Martin Moskowicz gave some insight into the Resident Evil movie reboot, saying the company is: “Still working on it creatively. For us, the main thing is to get it right creatively so people don’t think it’s more of the same. That’s what it’s all about these days, a fresh, different approach.” Variety added that Moskowicz said that could mean it will take the form of a TV series rather than a feature film. 

Capcom is undoubtedly on a roll right now, and seems to be looking to capitalise on it. It recently announced that Monster Hunter World has sold over 7.9 million units, making it the company’s most successful ever game. We’ll keep you abreast of any further news that emerges concerning the Monster Hunter movie.

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