New Development Diary Lifts Lid on Jurassic World Evolution


Jurassic World Evolution developers Frontier have released the first in their development diaries, giving fans more insight into the progress and decisions behind Jurassic World Evolution.

The first part of the video details how accurate the game intends to be to the Jurassic Park/World film series, and how Frontier have endeavoured to create an experience that will be familiar to any Jurassic fan.

The video also shows off the mission system which will be an integral part of Jurassic World Evolution. The developers explain that although you will be building and maintaining your island Jurassic Utopia, you’ll be given missions from three different departments. The security, entertainment, and science departments will each offer missions to the player. However, the developers note, these missions are optional, and how you interact with the departments will determine how your game progresses. For example, working with the security department may involve breeding more dangerous dinosaurs, which could have an adverse effect on any errant park visitors.

The full video can be viewed here:

Jurassic World Evolution is set for release on June 12, and we’ll have all the updates and news right here on Green Man Gaming’s Newsroom.