Trailer leak confirms Rage 2 existence


A leaked teaser trailer appears to confirm that Bethesda Softworks is working on Rage 2.

As we reported last week, a listing on Walmart Canada’s website appeared to show (briefly, before it was removed) that Rage 2 exists. And now, a teaser trailer for the game has been leaked onto the internet. Bethesda has been attempting to remove it, but Twitter user Wario64 managed to grab it for posterity

The teaser shows that Rage 2 will very much share the original 2011 game’s Mad Max vibe – albeit with a surprising amount of pink and yellow in the colour palette. Beyond that, we currently know very little, but Bethesda will surely give Rage 2 a big unveiling at this year’s E3 Show in Los Angeles in June.

It’s entirely possible that Bethesda might decide to unveil Rage 2 before then, however, given the persistent leaks, so you might want to keep an eye on its website.