Battlefield V goes back to World War II


Electronic Arts has unveiled Battlefield V, which will take the franchise back to a World War II setting.

The next instalment in the much-loved, sandbox-style first-person shooter will be released on October 18 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, having entered EA Access and Origin Access for early enlisters on October 16. For EA’s own description of what Battlefield V will be like, head to its official website

Highlights of what we can expect from Battlefield V include the return of the War Stories single-player campaign, as seen in Battlefield 1. War Stories locations that EA has already teased include Norway, North Africa and France, and the company promises the game will visit: “Epic, unexpected locations across the globe.”

As far as the crucial multiplayer side of Battlefield V is concerned, it will ditch the Premium Pass, as seen in previous Battlefield games, in favour of a new, overarching experience called Tides of War. Tides of War will let players progress through WWII with their own personalised Company (developer DICE is promising a level of customisation which will allow players to ensure Companies are unique to them).

Tides of War will include an element called Grand Operations, a live, events-based multiplayer campaign which will encompass missions that take place over the course of several days. In Grand Operations, players’ progress on each day will determine the resources they have at their disposal subsequently. Tides of War will have an overarching storyline, which will be split into chapters – each of which will possibly last for a month.

Battlefield V will also have a new co-operative mode entitled Combined Arms, which will attempt to provide an experience somewhere in between the single-player and multiplayer sides of the game. Combined Arms will focus on dangerous behind-the-lines expeditions – such as fulfilling missions as a paratrooper without being detected.

Tried and tested multiplayer modes including Conquest, Death Match and Domination will also return. Naturally, we’ll keep you posted with any more news about Battlefield V as it emerges.