Nintendo’s Fils-Aime explains Metroid Prime 4 E3 no-show


Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has explained that Metroid Prime 4’s likely release date is too far away for the company to have shown it at this year’s E3.

The highly anticipated Switch game’s no-show – despite being teased at E3 2017 – was the source of much disappointment for Nintendo fans. However, when asked by Polygon about Metroid Prime 4’s absence, Fils-Aime said: “We believe it is not fair to the fan to repeatedly tease them over time about a game. That’s why we tend to focus close in, typically in a six- to nine-month timeframe, and go deep in sharing content and information on a particular piece of content. Metroid Prime 4 continues to be in development and making great progress. But right now, for something that’s not launching in 2018, it just wasn’t the right time.”

At E3 2018, Nintendo concentrated on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate along with Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu!  And Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! as its main upcoming Switch options.

As the above trailer from E3 2017 shows, the only thing we currently know about Metroid Prime 4 is its logo. The last major iteration of the action-adventure series starring Samus Aran was 2007’s Metroid Prime: Corruption for the Wii. As soon as any glimpse of Metroid Prime 4 emerges, we’ll bring it to you.