Destiny fans up in arms about Cayde-6’s death


Destiny fans have reacted with outrage to news of the impending death of the game’s popular character Cayde-6. 

In the story trailer for Destiny 2’s forthcoming Forsaken expansion (see below), it was revealed that the Exo Hunter Vanguard will meet his demise at the hands of Prince Uldren. Bungie has unashamedly been talking up Cayde-6’s death, firstly by featuring it prominently at E3 and secondly by giving it prominence in, for example, this blog post about Forsaken.

The strategy appears to be a deliberate one, aimed at emphasising that Forsaken will change up the Destiny 2 experience radically – something which Destiny 2 players have craved for some time. In the Forsaken blog post, for example, Bungie said: “We told you that Forsaken is taking a darker tone and has a Western revenge vibe. It looks as if many of you have taken it upon yourselves to avenge Cayde. In September, you’ll get your chance to hunt down the Barons, confront Uldren, and make him answer for his crimes.”

Since Cayde-6 is an Exo – essentially a robotic entity – there has been fan speculation that he could be resurrected, perhaps as Cayde-7, but Bungie has emphatically scotched that, with Forsaken project lead Scott Taylor telling both Eurogamer and GamesRadar that Cayde-6 is “Emphatically dead.”

However, the Destiny Subreddit has lit up with devastated discussions although, as this thread shows, fans are at least starting to accept that his days are numbered. 

Until Forsaken arrives on September 4, Cayde-6 will be granted a stay of execution, however. But the DLC should give Destiny 2 a much-needed shake-up: its new PvE meets PvP Gambit mode, in particular, is hotly anticipated. To find out more about Forsaken in the lead-up to its launch, head to its official website.

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