The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Datamined To Reveal Life Is Strange 2 Details


Dontnod Entertainment’s The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit has been datamined to reveal a number of details about Life Is Strange 2.

** This news post will contain spoilers for Life Is Strange & The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit**

Captain Spirit was released earlier this week as a standalone adventure within the Life Is Strange universe. The game was announced during E3 and is free to play, launching on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Fans on Reddit have already scanned the game files on PC to glean a number of interesting details about Dontnod’s upcoming sequel to Life Is Strange. Seemingly, these files were left in the release build of Captain Spirit by the developers.

Currently, there is a large Megathread detailing the major revelations from the in-game files. Primarily, It looks like the plot of Life is Strange 2 will centre around two young brothers named Sean and Daniel. If you’ve played Captain Spirit, you’ll recognise these two from the ending sequence of the game, the two young boys standing in your next door neighbours garden.

According to the leaked files you will be playing as the older brother Sean. A popular theory stemming from the leaks on Reddit is that their father is murdered by a policeman and you are forced out of your family home into a road trip situation with your younger brother. One of the more interesting leaks in the selection alleges that the game will feature split-screen co-op and driving controls due to lines of code referencing a split screen layout and vehicle axis mappings.

This time around the power appears to be some kind of telekinesis, due to lines of code referencing Daniel moving a tree with his mind. Other lines of code reference the separation of the brothers as part of the supernatural power, which could be some form of ESP.

As revealed earlier this month, the choices you make in Captain Spirit will follow over to Life Is Strange 2. The datamined files have revealed that your Life Is Strange choices will also matter, and if you don’t have an existing save file, the game will make you answer a questionnaire akin to those seen in the Telltale sequels.

Of course, take all of these rumours with a pinch of salt, but the fact they are pulled straight from the game’s code certainly make them plausible.

We should hear more about the narrative behind Life Is Strange 2 in the coming months, ahead of the first episodes release on September 27, 2018.