Overwatch’s Latest Hero Is An Adorable Hamster In A Mech Suit


Blizzard has revealed the next hero coming to Overwatch, its wildly popular class-based multiplayer shooter.

Hero 28 is called Wrecking Ball, and he’s a hamster called Hammond who pilots a menacing mech-suit.

Within the Overwatch lore, Wrecking Ball is the result of scientific experimentation, the same kind that spawned the gargantuan gorilla hero Winston. Wrecking Ball escaped the Horizon Lunar Colony with Winston when the animals initiated an uprising and permanently removed their masters.

Hammond’s mech appears to be his crashed escape pod which he reverse-engineered into a terrifying gladiatorial weapon.

Jeff Kaplan made it crystal clear in the developer update video that Hammond cannot speak English, and communicates in a cheeky manner through his heavily modified mech-suit AI.

The adorable hamster mech hybrid is a tank class with powerful mobility. Hammond rolls around the map smacking into enemies and causing massive damage.

His grappling hook ability also allows him to tether his big metal suit around a point and swing like a spinball, clubbing enemies into submission.

Whilst Hammond is in the air he can also piledrive the floor and crush his enemies.

When he’s not spherical Hammond is a quadruped, boasting dangerously quick assault cannons for ripping through enemy armour. He can also buff himself with armour which scales depending on the number of enemies surrounding him to escape tricky situations.

His ultimate is called Minefield and finds Hammond ejecting a salvo of proximity mines from his suit into his immediate surroundings. They’re highly visible but devastating if triggered.

Wrecking Ball is currently live on the Overwatch PTR (Public Test Realm) server on PC, which you can download within your Blizzard client.

If prior hero reveals are anything to go by, the new hero should be live on all platforms for everyday play within the next few weeks.