Google Reportedly Planning To Enter The Gaming Market


Google is reportedly poised to join the gaming market with a three-pronged multi-platform approach.

A report from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier cites several sources on the matter.

Whilst Google has been scoring hits in the gaming market recently, most notably with Niantic’s Pokemon GO ( the studio being spun out of Google), the technology titan is yet to make serious waves in the industry.

According to Schreier’s sources, the time is now, and Google is moving forward on Project Yeti, which involves a number of new developments within the gaming space.

Firstly, Google is apparently building a video game streaming platform akin to Geforce Now and Onlive. This would certainly be a good fit for Google, a company well versed in server technology, providing an accessible option for cheap PC’s to play high-end games.

According to Schreier’s sources, this would be like “playing The Witcher 3  within a tab on Google Chrome.”

Hopefully, Google’s adoption of the trend would learn from its ‘Google Fiber’ internet service and mitigate the myriad of problems found on services like Onlive where input lag and performance issues plague the experience, making it difficult to stream comfortably without a high-end machine or top quality internet provider.

On top of the streaming platform, Google is also reported to be building a console, or at least some kind of hardware.

This could be a machine to nurture the streaming service rather than a mainline games console, but even Kotaku’s sources know little about the system specifications.

It is also reported that Google has been recruiting top quality talent from within the games industry, Kotaku’s sources naming companies such as EA & Playstation, as well as pointing out Google’s recent hire of Phil Harrison, a video games executive with years of experience at Sony and Microsoft.

It remains to be seen whether these rumours will come to fruition, but the sheer amount of sources and the hiring of top industry players lend credence to the idea.

Could Google take on the big three? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.