Fortnite Dance Performed in World Cup Final


As Fortnite continues its streak of world domination, even one of the most esteemed sporting events in history couldn’t shy away from the trend.

As tumultuous and exciting as this world cup has been, it eventually resulted in an enjoyable but decisive final between France and Croatia in Moscow, with France taking the game 4 – 2.

Goals from Paul Pogba & wonder kid Kylian Mbappe sealed the deal, but it was striker Antoine Griezmann’s penalty celebration that paid homage.

After a questionable call from the referee and a quality strike in the bottom-left corner, Griezmann ran to the crowd and performed the ‘Take The L’ emote from Fortnite Battle Royale.

On the greatest stage in football, it appears no one is safe from Fortnite. As well as Antoine Griezmann, a host of other athletes have shown love to Fortnite.

England’s Delle Alli performed the ‘Ride The Pony’ emote after his goal that sealed England’s crucial victory over Sweden. It recently came out in the news that the England team spent most of their leisure time outside of the gym on the massively popular Epic Games title.

The game has no qualms about venturing into other sports either. Athletes in the NBA, NFL and more have all been known to be partial to a bit of battle royale.

And with last week’s bumper Season 5 update, the game is only growing stronger with more content, features and an intriguing developing narrative that is starting to seep beyond the game and into the real world!