Gamergate Subreddit Briefly Closed


KotakuInAction or ‘KiA’, the main subreddit associated with the online movement Gamergate, was briefly closed on the 13th of July by its creator.

Reddit user David-me, creator of the subreddit, closed KotakuInAction giving a lengthy post in the r/Drama subreddit. David-me went on to describe KotakuInAction as ‘one of the many cancerous growths that have infiltrated reddit. The internet. The world. I did this. Now I am undoing it. This abomination should have always been aborted.’

The subreddit has, during its history, been investigated for issues related to harassment campaigns and toxic speech. Posts on subreddits such as HateSubredditOfTheDay have documented examples of these issues, in addition other media outlets such as Buzzfeed have investigated the issues surrounding the subreddit.

KotakuInAction was reinstated later on the 13th after direct intervention from Reddit staff after moderators reached out to restore the subreddit. Moderators gave a small statement regarding this here, stating that ‘an amazing admin was online who helped restore everything, and has locked david’s (David-me) permissions to mail-only while an investigation goes on into the matter later before they decide if anything further needs to be done.’