Nathan Fillion Stars As Nathan Drake In Uncharted Fan Film Project


After teasing it on Instagram last week with a picture of Canadian rapper Drake, Nathan Fillion has revealed an Uncharted fan film project starring himself as virtual treasure hunter Nathan Drake.

The 15-minute live-action tease is directed by Allan Ungar of Gridlocked fame. Fillion as Drake is, as per his modus operandi, captured and makes a heart-racing escape from a compound with the help of Sully, his right-hand man toting his trademark cigar.

Perhaps the best thing about this fan film is the performance of Nathan Fillion. He absolutely nails the aesthetic and the wise-cracking charm of the cocky pseudo-archaeologist.

From the roughed-up look to the Sic Parvis Magna ring, everything is accounted for, and even his tone of voice is perfect for the role.

The fighting choreography and dialogue are also excellent, and given the track record of video-game movies, this is a welcome outlier to the norm.

Outside of fan-film territory, Sony Pictures’ Uncharted movie is being directed by Stranger Things alum Shawn Levy, but is yet to find a release date.

Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland is signed on to play Young Nathan Drake, with Bryan Cranston rumoured to also be on the ticket, who would make a great Sully. The movie will serve as a prequel laying the groundwork for the excellent Uncharted story.

Hopefully, we can see more big screen properties using the wonderful source material of Uncharted in the future, regardless of who is in the titular role.