Hello Games Reveal Details Behind No Man’s Sky Next Update


After the lukewarm response to No Man’s Sky upon its release in 2016, Hello Games has been hard at work revitalizing the game and adding much-requested content.

The culmination of their continued efforts is No Man’s Sky Next, a massive update coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One (for the first time) on July 24.

In the run-up to release Hello Games has dropped an enticing trailer featuring all of the new content coming to the game.

Players will finally be able to customize their character and team up to explore with friends, surviving and building or indulging in competitive bloodsport.

This extends to space too, allowing for dogfights across galaxies, as well as racing through the skies in player-made trails.

Sky pirates will also enjoy the new freighter system which allows players to send out a fleet of frigates to aid exploration and probe untouched galaxies.

A third-person camera has been added which also functions during flight, as well as various improvements to the visual fidelity of the game, including an overhaul of the terrain generation system.

Base building has also been upgraded, allowing players to build a home anywhere and own multiple fortresses.

Visually it looks stunning, and with this whole host of new features, this would be the perfect time to get back into No Man’s Sky if you held onto your copy. Xbox One players will also be able to indulge in the game for the first time when NEXT drops on July 24.