Gfinity inks multi-year partnership with Domino’s


E-sports company Gfinity has signed a partnership deal with Domino’s, which will become a presenting partner for Gfinity’s Challenger and Elite Series UK competitions.

The announcement comes ahead of the 30 July kick-off of Gfinity’s Challenger Series, which the company describes thus: “Gamers of any level, from anywhere in Europe can sign-up for free to the Challenger Series, where players are encouraged to play for ranking, or G-points. Players can choose from any of Gfinity’s three leading titles, FIFA, Rocket League or Street Fighter V, and will spend six weeks competing online, going head to head with fellow competitors.”

The partnership between Gfinity and Domino’s will last until 2020. Gfinity says: “The agreement secures Domino’s exclusivity within the quick service restaurant sector and an in-show presence throughout the 80 hours of live FIFA, Rocket League and Street Fighter V broadcasts. In addition, Domino’s will receive bespoke content, broadcast and digital assets, player shirt sleeve branding, social media activations, customer relationship management, ticketing and hospitality. Domino’s will also use its extensive channels to promote both the Gfinity Challenger and Elite Series UK.”

Gfinity’s Executive Chairman Garry Cook said: “Esports has become the entertainment of choice for brands looking to connect with young adult consumers. It is exciting, it is growing and it is full of opportunity. We look forward to working with Domino’s to create new and innovative ways to bring even more excitement and interest in the Elite Series.”

If you fancy having a crack at Gfinity’s Challenger Series, you’ll find the details of how to do so here