EA Sports unveils new FIFA 19 Kick-Off mode, FUT Division Rivals


EA Sports has revealed that FIFA 19 will have a revamped Kick-Off mode, and that FIFA Ultimate Team will acquire a new feature called Division Rivals. 

FIFA 19 will include what EA Sports describes as a “Refreshed” Kick-Off mode. The company says it will bring: “New match types, stat tracking, and more, making it easier and more exciting to take on friends anywhere, anytime. In addition to Classic Kick-Off, there are five new match types that players can choose from: UEFA Champions League, House Rules, Best Of Series, Home & Away, and Featured Cup Finals. Each match type has a twist on the normal experience, keeping things interesting and fresh every time players jump in.” 

EA Sports adds: “Players can also track Kick-Off mode record and stats, including detailed analytics from all matches played within the mode. From analysing and refining game plans to tweaking pre-game tactics, players can be prepared for every game. Additionally, create a Kick-Off ID and progress from matches can be taken anywhere.”

You can read a detailed analysis of the new Kick-Off mode match types here. Highlights include the freedom to set up your own rules in House Rules; Survival Mode, which removes a random outfield player every time a team scores; Long Range, in which goals scored from outside the box count double; and Headers and Volleys, in which you can only score with headers and volleys.

EA Sports also revealed a new mode for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT): “In FUT 19, Division Rivals offers a whole new way to play in FIFA Ultimate Team that replaces Online Seasons. Players can discover their place in the FUT community competing against others players in the same Division to earn a selection of weekly rewards.”

Further information on Division Rivals can be found here. Among Division Rivals’ features are a Skill Rating which will be assigned to you after an initial series of placement matches; a format which rewards your performance over the course of each week; and a points system which counts for qualification to the Weekend League. 

FIFA 19 is due for release on 28 September, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.