Indie platformer Tanglewood to get Sega Mega Drive release


Developer Big Evil Corp will release a Sega Mega Drive version of its forthcoming game Tanglewood. 

The pixel-art side-scrolling  platformer will be released on August 14 for PC via Steam, but will also become available on that date as a multi-region Mega Drive cartridge, playable on PAL, NTSC and NTSC-J Mega Drive consoles.

According to Big Evil Corp, “These multi-region cartridges are initially reserved for the game’s Kickstarter backers, who helped to bring Tanglewood to life by pledging over £54,000. This has enabled Big Evil Corp — headed by designer and programmer Matt Phillips (formerly of Traveller’s Tales and Crytek) — to produce Tanglewood using authentic SEGA development tools from the 1990s, and release it on a cartridge, boxed in packaging that fits perfectly into any Mega Drive library.” 

Mega Drive owners keen to find something new to play on their venerable 16-bit consoles can pre-order a Tanglewood cartridge. The Steam version of the game also comes with the Mega Drive ROM file, so Mega Drive owners can also download it to flash cartridges.

For further info, check out the official Tanglewood website.