Id Software releases free-to-play version of Quake Champions


Publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer id Software have launched a free-to-play version of its online shooter Quake Champions.

As of now, it is possible to download Quake Champions for free from the Bethesda Launcher or via Steam. The original paid version of Quake Champions went into Early Access in August 2017, and the game remains in Early Access for now. But Bethesda trialled a free-to-play test version of the game during this year’s E3 Show, and has now decided to make availability of the free-to-play version permanent. 

Tim Willitts, id Software’s Studio Director, said: “Our free-to-play test at E3 saw more than a million players test their skill with Quake Champions, and the feedback we received from our community has helped us get to this point — launching our free version for everyone. Quake Champions brings all of the intense gameplay and skill-based action that millions of fans have loved for decades, along with exciting new additions and twists, and provides it to anyone, all for free.” 

Unsurprisingly, the free-to-play version of Quake Champions will not contain all of the full game’s content. Bethesda said: “The free-to-play version of Quake Champions comes with two Champions, Ranger and Scalebearer, with additional Champions available for purchase or to earn by spending in-game rewards. Free players can choose to upgrade to the Champions Pack at any time — a special early adopter bundle that includes all 14 current Champions, as well as all future Champions, and additional in-game rewards. The Champions Pack is currently on sale for £29.99.” 

Last week, Quake Champions received an update which, among other things, brought a new champion dubbed the Death Knight, the ability to train and play against bots in Custom Games, and a new mode: Team Deathmatch Vs Bots.

And – partly to reassure players that the free-to-play version of the game is here to stay – publisher Bethesda revealed Quake Champions’ roadmap for the rest of the year which says that two further champions and four new gameplay modes will be added between now and early 2019. For further news, keep an eye on Quake Champions’ website.