Nvidia Reveals Turing Architecture, Teases GPU Reveal At Gamescom


Graphics card titan Nvidia has revealed the next generation of their graphics architecture, codenamed Turing.

The news was revealed during Siggraph 2018, an annual conference focused on computer graphics.

Whilst the event wasn’t catered specifically to the gaming crowd, Nvidia’s announcements here will have a definite impact on the market regardless, shaping the power developers can put in place to create the next experiences in gaming.

Nvidia is calling Turing “the greatest leap in computer graphics in over a decade”, noting that it is focusing on realistic ray-tracing (incredible lighting effects) for its ‘RTX’ range of cards.

On top of the Turing reveal Nvidia has released a video teaser pointing to an event at Gamescom.

It’s an open secret that Nvidia is announcing something at Gamescom next week, so this reveal would fit in with a grand unveiling of a number of new graphics cards during the huge industry event in Cologne on August 20th.

Eagle-eyed fans on Reddit have pointed out that the trailer has a number of cryptic details teasing the name of the next GPU Nvidia may be revealing. GPS coordinates point to a spot in Cologne, most likely where the event is being held next Monday.

As well as the location-based easter eggs, Discord usernames are said to be pointing to a particular name for the GPU. Among the names are ‘RoyTeX’, with the capitalized letters being RTX, which fans believe is the suffix for the next range of cards.

On top of that, we have Not_11, pointing out that the next series may not be called the ‘1100’ series as expected after the GTX 10xx line.

The final two usernames are Mac-20 and Eight Tee, which has led redditors to combine all of them and decree that the graphics card may be called the ‘RTX 2080’. With the focus on ‘RTX Core’ technology, this makes a lot of sense.

I’m sure we’ll find out much more about Nvidia’s new gaming graphics cards during the event next week. We’ll be sure to bring you any more news as it becomes available.