EA Dice sets September date for Battlefield V open beta


EA Dice has announced that Battlefield V’s open beta, across the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will start on September 4, 2018, for early access and September 6 for everyone else.

The open beta will feature the Rotterdam map (shown in the trailer below) in Conquest mode, as well as the Arctic Fjord map in Conquest and Grand Operations modes. EA Dice explained the latter thus: “New to the Battlefield franchise, Grand Operations is a multiplayer experience across multiple maps and modes that takes players through a powerful narrative journey inspired by historical events.”

In a blog post, the company also revealed that: “A preview of the Tides of War — the ever-evolving journey through WW2 featuring a new narrative every few months — also awaits players in September. Each chapter of Tides of War is designed to focus on an aspect of the era, with unique gameplay experiences to drive players forward. A five-part Tides of War chapter will be part of the Open Beta. Players who complete the chapter will earn an exclusive in-game Dog Tag in Battlefield V at launch.”

The blog post includes details of how to take part in the early access phase of the open beta, including the news that: “Players that pre-order any edition of the game with the Battlefield V Enlister Offer will get early access to the Open Beta and other in-game benefits including soldier customization options, access to Special Assignments starting at launch week and immediate access to five weapons to use in Battlefield 1.”

For further news on Battlefield V, keep an eye on the news page of its website

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