Supermassive Games Reveal ‘The Dark Pictures’ Horror Anthology


Until Dawn developers, Supermassive Games has revealed its latest project entitled The Dark Pictures Anthology, a series of interactive horror games.

Announced at Gamescom, this will be part of a publishing deal with Bandai Namco to release a number of games made in the same vein as Until Dawn and The Inpatient.

The first game in the series is entitled ‘Man of Medan’ and offers “supernatural horror on board a ghost-ship adrift in the South Pacific.”

It appears to be based on the ‘Ourang Medan’ a legendary ghost ship that wrecked in the Dutch East Indies.

Each game will offer new characters and a unique setting, and Supermassive say they’re attempting to “tap into a variety of horror sub-genres.”

Of course, every game will have branching stories, with Supermassive confirming that out of the four protagonists, all or none can survive during their diving trip.

Get ready to hide behind some pillows when Man of Medan launches at a currently undetermined point in 2019.