Hitman 2 video reveals Picture-in-Picture feature


Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has revealed some of Hitman 2’s new features in a video.

As the video below shows, one element which Hitman 2 has acquired that its predecessor lacked is a grid which shows the field of view of each security camera. The addition of that feature suggests Agent 47 will have to be more careful than ever when walking in front of security cameras, even when in disguise.

The video also shows a new feature called Picture-in-Picture, which should come in handy during assassination missions. The self-explanatory feature causes occasional video windows to pop up, showing what Agent 47’s quarry, or other characters in the mission, are doing. Picture-in-Picture can, for example, show characters in the game discovering bodies that Agent 47 has hidden, allowing you to alter your strategy accordingly.

The video suggests that Hitman 2 will be even more rigorous and hardcore than its predecessors, which is thoroughly in keeping with the nature of the much-loved franchise. Hitman 2 is due for release on November 13, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For further information, check out the game’s official website.