Steam Receives Adult-Only Filter With New Update


After addressing the problem of “Who Gets To Be On The Steam Store” months before, Valve has now detailed some changes coming to the platform to aid with identifying provocative content.

The key takeaway from today’s Steam Blog update is the ‘Adult Only’ which will allow gamers (and their guardians) to filter the content they find on Steam.

As well as general “Mature Content” for games without sex and violence, the Adults Only filter allows Steam users to “filter out games that feature explicit sexual content.”

As a consequence of this, Valve is now “requiring developers of games with violent or sexual content to describe the content of their game” before Valve themselves making a decision on whether that would be suitable for somebody with the Adults-Only filter on.

Valve believes that this context for the mature content will ensure proper curation for those who wish to use the filters. An example shown in the blog post shows an intermediary screen before the Left 4 Dead 2 store page which offers a description of the “Frequent Violence or Gore” from the developers.

This operates similarly to an age-gate which provides a prompt which you can then accept or deny to access a game’s store As well as the content filters, Valve has added home pages for developers and publishers in the update, which is now live for all users.