Fortnite Monopoly Board Game Coming In October


If you thought Fortnite had its finger in every pie by now, you’d be wrong. The immensely popular Battle Royale title has managed to partner with toy giant Hasbro.

As part of this joint venture, a Fortnite-themed Monopoly board will be coming to market (or at this point should that be a Monopoly-themed Fortnite board?)

The boxed game appeared on the storefront of UK retailer Zavvi yesterday but only remained there for a few hours before vanishing, most likely due to overwhelming demand.

As well as retaining a Fortnite theme, the game will offer a twist on the standard Monopoly gameplay.

A Hasbro rep spoke to IGN, revealing that the game will “replace money with health points” and dedicate one dice to “action”, which could involve using bandages, shooting opponents or throwing a Boogie Bomb.

The storm also makes an appearance and damages players as it encroaches the board.

Luckily, fans won’t have to wait too long to play it either. Fortnite Monopoly launches globally on October 1st 2018.