New Animal Crossing Game Coming To Nintendo Switch


During last night’s blockbuster Nintendo Direct the entire gaming public suffered a rollercoaster of emotions, from the return of Katamari to the Final Fantasy nostalgia fest, but nothing quite shook the world like the news about a new Animal Crossing game.

After a thirty minute onslaught of new and updated Nintendo games, we were granted one more tease from the team in Japan. Dropped in a familiar setting, the mayor’s office from Animal Crossing New Leaf, hype went through the roof as secretary Isabelle pottered about the office, surely confirming a new Animal Crossing game?

Yet, in one of the most glorious fake-outs in Nintendo marketing history, Isabelle was invited to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, as the screen pulled away from the leafy town and into battle with legendary Nintendo characters.

All was not lost for disgruntled fans though, as following the trailer we were shown a short video starring the one and only good raccoon boy Tom Nook.

The teaser trailer had Tom watching the festivities unfold at his desk, and making it known that he has to “make sure everyone has a nice new place to come home to… after all the camping and smashing and whatnot.”

Looking a bit glum about the prospect of putting swathes of cute animals in arrears, the logo for ‘Welcome to Animal Crossing’ came into view, which appears to be the next mainline game in the series since 2012’s New Leaf for the 3DS.

Luckily for fans, it will be arriving in 2019, meaning you will only have to wait at most a year for the next Animal Crossing game, this time on the powerful and super portable Nintendo Switch.