Papers, Please Creator’s Mysterious New Project “Return Of The Obra Dinn” Gets Release Window


Lucas Pope is best known as the developer behind the wonderfully unique Papers, Please, which dropped in 2013 and became an overnight indie sensation.

In the five years since that project Pope has been drip-feeding fans news about his next game, but luckily, we now have a planned release window for the “Return of the Obra Dinn.”

The mysterious game is set to launch in Autumn this year. We don’t know much about it, but the plot is centred around a merchant ship that bears the name “Obra Dinn” that goes out to the Orient from London with trade goods and returns with no men.

As per Pope’s website, you play as an “insurance adjustor for the East India Company’s London Office” who must recover the “Crew Muster Roll book” and pick up the pieces.

Perhaps most alluring is its incredible art style evocative of old English record books. It is stripped of colour and absolutely striking. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to explore the Obra Dinn and solve the curious enigma of its vacant crew.