Kingdom Hearts III Gets Bumper TGS Trailer


As Tokyo Games Show kicks off, a new, updated Kingdom Hearts III trailer has been released by Square Enix.

Following last weeks ‘Big Hero 6’ focused vignette, the new trailer goes deeper into the world of San Franyoko, introducing the entire team of heroes.

It was also revealed that Sora can now take selfies in-game, even with other Heartless, following a trend of Photo Mode features in recent games that have proved to be a massive hit on social media, most recently with Marvel’s Spider-Man.

As well as the Big Hero 6 world we were also treated to a whistle stop tour of a number of other Disney properties featured in the game.

This included a deeper look at the Pirates of The Caribbean world, which looks to incorporate the plot of ‘Dead Man’s Chest’, with squid-fiend Davy Jones making an appearance, as well as the nefarious Kraken.

The trailer also checks in with Anna from Frozen and Rapunzel from Tangled, before peppering hints of story beats. Members of The Organization appear as well as Roxas’s friends, who proclaim that they’re going to help Sora find the lost boy.

All will be revealed in 2019, when Kingdom Hearts III drops for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the January 25th.