Telltale Games begins majority studio closure, lays off 200+ staff


Telltale Games, developers of episodic adventure games such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, and many more, has announced that it has begun as majority studio closure.

Ex-staff began tweeting about the closure on the evening of Friday the 21st of September which preceded the following statement made by Telltale Games:

225 staff members have been let go, reportedly including those hired a week ago who had just relocated to San Francisco to start employment with the company.

The already reduced staff number followed the news late last year that Telltale Games had ‘restructured’ leading to 25% of the workforce becoming unemployed. In the wake of that news, the company co-founder sued the company, Telltale Games announced a partnership with Netflix, and a new engine was announced for future games.

It is not known at this time whether or not the final season of The Walking Dead will be completed, though rumours at both GameInformer and USGamer point to episode 2 being the last released part of the game. It does appear that upcoming projects, such as The Wolf Among Us 2 and Stranger Things have been cancelled.

As soon as any updates regarding this ongoing story are announced, including the future of The Walking Dead’s Final Season, we will update you here.