Footage from Telltale’s Cancelled Stranger Things Game Surfaces


In the wake of the devastating news that Telltale Games is shutting down and leaving 250 of their staff jobless, lots of content has surfaced from projects old and new.

As well as hilarious edits of The Walking Dead created by developers, Telltale’s collaboration with Netflix has also started to see the light of day.

The Stranger Things narrative adventure game was in activ4e development when the studio was shuttered but lacked a planned release date.

Based on the immensely popular TV show, the leaked footage shows that the game followed the Telltale formula to a T, yet with a slightly adjacent art style and some interesting additions to the gameplay.

As can be seen in this short video, you play as Will Byers and roam around his family home, speaking to his mother Joyce and picking up items. Standard Telltale fare, right?!

Well… no. The huge pre-production eyes aside, there was a whole new element to Telltale’s Stranger Things game, First-Person stealth sequences.

As well as adventures in the real world, players look to be able to venture into the Upside Down, which appears to turn the game into a first-person survival horror game in the same vein as Resident Evil 7.

Byers is seen sneaking around a labyrinth as the Demogorgon stalks him, leading him to hide under environment objects as its feet trail by. It looks incredibly interesting, and it appears to be a compelling twist on the usual formulaic gameplay seen in games of this style.

Netflix spoke to Polygon expressing sympathy for the studio closure and revealed that they are “evaluating other option” to bring the game to market, so this project could still see the light of day.