New Red Dead 2 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Ambitious Open World


Another installment in Rockstar’s narrated gameplay video series for its upcoming behemoth Red Dead Redemption 2 has been revealed.

The trailer goes in-depth on many of the systems running seamlessly as you venture across the American Frontier.

Red Dead 2 appears to be focused on naturally tying gameplay with story, making the experience more fluid than simply accepting and completing quests. It seems that you will stumble across tidbits of narrative as you play, and you can conduct some loan sharking or highway robbery as you see fit, but you have to be wary of other NPC’s attempting the same crimes. If you become notorious, bounty hunters will also hunt you down for the price on your head.

It was also revealed that players will have to think about the core human aspects of protagonist Arthur Morgan’s life. For example, if you don’t shave, wash or eat properly, Arthur will look untamed & burly, and civilians will run away from him and tell him that he reeks.

The dead-eye system has also been upgraded, and will now let you see critical points on the bodies of enemies and upgrade as you play. We also got a glimpse of the ridiculous amount of activities you can be partial to, from five finger fillet to the theatre.

Finally, we were shown short sequences from the heists coming to the game which appear to function in a fairly similar manner to Grand Theft Auto V. Players will also be able to play the game in first-person mode and test out the new cinematic camera when Red Dead Redemption 2 drops later this month on October 26th.