Remaining Telltale Games employees laid off


Reports suggest that some or all of the 25 people remaining as a “skeleton staff” — after Telltale Games laid off over 200 employees — have also now been dismissed from the stricken developer. 

One of the remaining members of Telltale’s staff, Rachel Noel, tweeted: “Heeeeyyyy remember how there was going to be a skeleton crew staying on for a while and I was part of it? Nah, jk, we all just got laid off, too.”

Telltale’s original plan, following the lay-offs, was for the remaining 25 staff members to continue working on Minecraft: Story Mode, but if Noel’s tweet is accurate, that plan appears to be in tatters. As we reported, Telltale Games has been seeking help from other developers to finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season, but no concrete news has yet appeared on that front. 

According to Kotaku, Telltale CEO Pete Hawley: “Said via email that an official statement on the cuts would be coming on Friday or as late as Monday”, and that Telltale continues working to do a deal to complete The Walking Dead.

In addition, an ex-employee of Telltale Games has launched a class-action lawsuit, and various reports of toxic practices involving excessive crunch workloads and the like at the developer have emerged. An official statement from the company cannot come too swiftly.

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