The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s Remaining Episodes Get Picked Up By Skybound Games


It looks like fans of The Walking Dead will be able to see the conclusion of the Telltale franchise after all.

The series has been picked up by Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comic book. His company Skybound Games will be publishing and helping Telltale develop the rest of the game.

The news was revealed as part of a New York Comic Con panel, where Kirkman stated: “We can’t lose Andrew Lincoln and Clementine in the same year.”

Skybound is currently ironing out the details on the partnership so we don’t know exactly when the game will be coming, but it has been formally revived, which is great news for fans.

Unfortunately, we still have no word on severance pay for the 250+ developers who lost their job during the closure of Telltale Games. Whilst its great to hear that we will see the end of Clementine’s story, hopefully, this issue will also be resolved.