Hellblade Developers Reveal ‘Senua’s Scholarship’ To Fund Mental Health Training


Cambridge based Hellblade developer Ninja Theory has unveiled a scholarship to help fund mental health training.

Their game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice deals heavily with mental health, specifically Psychosis, the main ailment the protagonist Senua suffers from.

Ninja Theory spent a lot of time during development working with staff from CPFT’s Recovery College East to truly represent the condition, and now they’re paying it forward with a scholarship, titled ‘Senua’s Scholarship.’

Senua’s Scholarship will develop the selected student’s skills and help them achieve a recognized qualification in the field to aid them in forging a career as a mental health tutor.

It’s an amazing, selfless decision that reminds us of just how important mental health is, and especially, the impact works of art can have on people suffering. Ninja Theory’s success is going to create opportunity and directly help those in need thanks to this scholarship.

A video feature showcasing Ninja Theory’s process of consulting mental health experts for Hellblade was released with the announcement.

The game is also set for a retail release this December 4th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you haven’t picked it up since its release in 2017, nows your chance!