Voice Actors Behind Max Payne and Alan Wake Join Voice Cast Of Remedy’s Control


Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming title Control has added two famous faces to its voice cast as brand new characters.

Both the voice actor of Alan Wake and Max Payne will make an appearance in the upcoming game, playing what appears to be two antagonists.

Alan Wake voice actor Matthew Porretta will star as Dr Casper Darling, who is the head of research at the Federal Bureau of Control, the game’s oppressive and surreal setting. Previous demos showcased human experiments, which means this could be the nefarious fellow behind the evil goings-on.

Max Payne himself, James McCaffrey will fill the boots of Zachariah Trench, who is the former director of the FBC. Now, seeing as we’re playing Jesse Faden (Courtney Hope,) who is the current director of Bureau sent to figure out why the FBC is in disarray, it would make sense to deduce that Trench will be an antagonist.

This news was revealed by the fifth entry in Remedy’s series of dev diaries chronicling the creation of Control, where Creative Director Sam Lake and Narrative Systems Designer Eevi Korhonen sat down to chat about the ‘Key Players’ in Control.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to play this inspired open-world adventure. Control is currently set for a 2019 release, albeit with no clear date pinned down yet.