Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Scheduled For Thursday


Nintendo has scheduled in another Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, occurring this Thursday November 1st at 2 PM GMT.

Following the direct will be a Nintendo Treehouse Live presentation showcasing gameplay from the upcoming title, which is launching on December 7th for Nintendo Switch.

The fact that the live presentation from Nintendo Treehouse directly follow the Direct may suggest that this could be the final set of reveals before the games launch.

It could also be the place for Nintendo to reveal the details behind the ‘Spirits’ game mode teased in the previous Direct, which looks to fill the gap where we usually find Adventure Mode or The Subspace Emissary.

Excitement is bubbling after a seemingly credible leak hit Twitter last week, known as the ‘Grinch Leak,’ a snapshot from a marketing materials office that showcased blurry promo art from the game.

This leak allegedly confirms a number of characters, including Banjo Kazooie, Ken, Geno, Mach Rider and The Chorus Kids. However, not everybody is convinced, and evidence has come forward both buffing and rebuking the leak, leading to fans taking sides depending on their disposition, known as #TeamReal or #TeamFake.

Regardless of what happens, this Direct should clear the air and put the rumors to bed. We’ll have to tune in and see who Nintendo are going to kill next in the name of bolstering Ultimate’s roster.