Shroud of the Avatar goes free-to-play


Richard Garriott’s MMO Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues has gone free-to-play.

The crowd-funded game from the legendary Ultima developer’s company Portalarium is now available to download for free. Garriott said: “We are thrilled to open up Shroud to a larger audience of gamers. We have removed almost all gameplay restrictions from our free players. Now those players can trade freely with other players, own land and play through the entire story! This means that you no longer need to make a purchase to have the Shroud of the Avatar experience!”

The move follows a major update implemented in the game (which was released in March 2018) last week. Executive Producer Starr Long said: “We’ve separated our tutorials from the story-telling spaces in the starting areas. We now have a focused tutorial area in the Isle of Storms where we walk players through the game basics. These progress in a gated fashion so the players must finish learning a skill and utilizing it before they can travel to the next part of the tutorial. We’ve been working on this for several months and are excited to roll this out at the same time we are launching free to play.”

Portalarium described other key improvements brought to Shroud of the Avatar via that update: “Also, choosing one’s story path is now independent of a player’s starting decks. Players start with three decks: Blades, Ranged, and Magic. Once all the tutorials are completed, players will then journey through the lunar rift to one of the three starting areas. Those areas are now polished to be more focused and tighter in their direction. Plus with no more tutorial elements in those areas, those starting scenes are now entirely focused on story.”

If you want to find out more, head to Shroud of the Avatar’s website.