Super Smash Bros Ultimate sets Switch pre-sales record


Nintendo has announced that Super Smash Bros Ultimate has set a new record as the: “Best pre-selling Switch game.” 

Making the announcement on Twitter in a video accompanying a Tweet, Nintendo said: “Super #SmashBrosUltimate is punching its way into the record books! Thank you to all the amazing fans for your support in making this a fight for the ages!” Nintendo also asserted that Super Smash Bros Ultimate has set a new pre-sales record for the Smash Bros franchise as a whole.

As we recently reported, Switch games have recently started posting some impressive sales figures: the Pokemon: Let’s Go games collectively sold over three million copies in their first week. Super Smash Bros Ultimate will do well to establish a new franchise sales record, though: 2008’s Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii sold a whopping 13.27 million units worldwide.

Nevertheless, as Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s December 7 release date approaches, anticipation is growing. To find out more about the anarchic beat-em-up, check out its official website.