December Games With Gold Lineup Includes Dragon Age 2, Mercenaries


The next round of free games offered to Xbox Live Gold subscribers has been revealed, coming to users across the month of December.

December will bring great tidings from Christmas past and present, with a huge throwback to original Xbox title Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, which dropped in 2005 from the excellent but sadly now-defunct Pandemic.

Mercenaries was a revolutionary sandbox game at the time, a symphony of chaos that involved explosive mayhem as you struggled to stop nuclear war. This game is One X enhanced, so it’s sure to look good in 4K if you have the setup.

As well as Mercenaries, subscribers can enjoy Bioware’s Dragon Age 2, a stoic RPG that altered the formula of the iconic original, for better and for worse. Many people (including myself) love Dragon Age 2 for its vibrant companions, but it is certainly the most marmite game in the trilogy, with an admittedly limited setting.

Indie game fans will also be in for a treat, with the unsung but absolutely wonderful Never Alone thrown into the mix, a puzzle game like Inside or Limbo based on a powerful Native Alaskan tale. Q.U.B.E 2 is there too, a mind-bending physics puzzler that draws on games like Portal but alters the fabric in meaningful ways.

All in, this is a very solid month for Games With Gold, especially if you haven’t played any of the games in the lineup. Full of clever iterative indies and golden oldies, this month’s package plans to offer something for everyone.