Microsoft publishes Xbox Family Guide for Christmas


Microsoft is publishing an Xbox Family Guide booklet, designed to educate parents about Xbox One gaming this Christmas. 

Part of the motivation behind the Xbox Family Guide – of which over 100,000 copies have been printed and which will be given out for free at retailers selling Xbox Ones – is to encourage parents to buy and set up Xbox Ones for their offspring this Christmas. In particular, the Guide focuses on how to set up the console’s parental controls.

It also explains how virtual currencies and in-game purchases work, as well as the importance of PEGI age-ratings. Alongside the physical printed copies of the Xbox Family Guide, it will be possible to download it from the Family section of the Xbox website

Speaking to, Microsoft’s Harvey Eagle, Xbox director for UK & Ireland, said: “We know speaking to families at this time of year is important so they’re armed with the right information when considering purchasing a console. Along with the activity we’re doing at retail and online, our new campaign includes a number of family-friendly titles to consider, and will feature across outdoor ads, on-demand and high impact digital and online video live now and continuing throughout December.”

Eagle added: “By illustrating how these settings can be customised to fit each family’s needs, we hope to give parents peace of mind knowing their kids are enjoying positive and fun gaming experiences on Xbox. For many, the most important step is making sure that kids are using child accounts which parents have control over. There is guidance available on how to do this on our support site.

“We also encourage parents to play an active role in their children’s online activities by doing three important things: using advanced parental control settings, talking with kids about their online activities and setting clear household online rules for their families.”

While Microsoft prepares to make the Xbox Family Guide available, you can find useful information on most of the topics it will cover here on Microsoft’s website.

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