Multiplatform Anthem Alpha Launching In Early December


Bioware’s experimental multiplayer shooter Anthem is going to be made available for testing very soon.

EA has revealed that they’re launching a closed Alpha that will run from December 8 to December 9.

If you want to get involved, you’ll have to sign up for EA’s Community Playtest program before December 3, which is the cut off date.

The game is currently pegged to launch on February 22nd 2019, and admittedly, its a… bit of a strange turn for BioWare.

Whilst it’s a space setting similar to Mass Effect, the lack of characterization is concerning, as this format is yet to be proven as a strong suit for the developers, who are more experienced in strong character based open world RPGs.

Anthems nearest neighbor looks to be Destiny, and lacks the romance options their games are most famously known for.

Hopefully, this will all come out in the wash as Anthem approaches release early next year. Well probably get a better grasp on what this game actually is when it’s in the hands of a new wave of players in the coming weeks.